Cannabis Licensing Services and Acquisition

The process for applying for state and local licensing is complex and can be overwhelming. Whether it is dispensary, cultivation, or transportation license, Farmer & Espinosa understands the complicated steps of the application process. We can save you precious time and money through our advice on getting properly licensed.  Our firm safeguards you from critical missteps or misunderstanding of intricate rules denying your business from getting licensed.  Our attorneys draft application packages to give your cannabis business the best chance for success. Farmer & Espinosa’s is not a general practice, we only specialize in the cannabis business industry. 

Farmer & Espinosa licensing services helps clients with state and local licenses for all areas of the Illinois cannabis industry including: dispensary licenses, cultivation licenses, and transportation licenses.

Farmer & Espinosa specializes in navigating Illinois’ marijuana business licensing structure. 
A cannabis business cannot lawfully open the doors until the company and owners meet challenging licensing requirements. The marijuana business licensing applications can be challenging, time-consuming, and work intensive. Farmer & Espinosa attorneys take on the complex time consuming work so you don’t have to.  Then we walk you through each licensing process and assist you in building successful application packages when acquiring all necessary state and local licenses. When the licensing process requires a hearing, we will advocate for you and provide critical support in securing your license.
As cannabis legalization had led demanding licensing programs that often involve merit based or competitive applications. We build a successful application package that is tailored to your background, business goals, and set community plans where you want to work. Competition for these licenses will be intense, and Farmer & Espinosa attorneys’ combined experience will set your company up for success in the cannabis business industry in securing your required licenses. Illinois’s licensing program is a points based system. Farmer & Espinosa attorneys design your application package for maximum points to ensure your cannabis business has greatest chance for approval.